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Internet Dating Book
The world's #1 practical guide to finding a date online...
Don't sit there surfing this silly web page, get a date and get a life...
EcoTeam Geocaching
Action and adventure as we go in search of modern day treasure...

What will we do this weekend -
Save a city from biological disaster?
Climb a mountain peak in the middle of a lightning storm?
Diffuse a micro-bomb?
Come and join us as we abseil, climb, jump, swim and scramble our way through the magnificent and unique sandstone slot canyons of the Blue Mountains west of Sydney...


Boondaburra is Dave & Nicole's eco house in Sydney.
The Solar Sponge
Dave & Nicole built their own Solar Air Heater, read all about it here.
The world's first D-I-Y Scientific calculator watch!
And it uses all off-the-shelf-parts.
Fitness instructions on your iPod!
Photo Gallery
Dave & Nicole's choice photos
The EEVblog
Dave's silly weekly video blog about electronics

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