Dave's Blue Mountains Canyoning Page - DuFaur


Du-Faur Creek (ClatterTeeth Canyon) - Mt Wilson

A LONG canyon with *lots* of bush scrubbing and a long walk in and out. Navigation can be difficult and not very obvious. There are maybe half a dozen nice canyon sections and long pools but they are spoiled by the endless bush scrubbing. Most people take a Li-Lo and do it easy, but it's great fun to swim the canyon sections, although they are very long so you must be a competent swimmer. If you take a Li-Lo then be prepared to haul it long distances through scrub.

The entry to the canyon is quite spectacular with a 5-6m hand-over-hand climb down a fixed rope into the spectacular gorge. There is a fixed rope there with knots in it to make it easier, but be sure to take your own rope in case it's not there (20m min)

Basically quite a dissapointing canyon if you are after a "canyon adventure", but makes a nice (but long) Li-Lo day trip for the kiddies. The exit is via the standard Wollamgambie #1 entry

A nice creek walk part of DuFaur Canyon. It's not always this nice though.

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