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Serendipity (Why didn't we do it in the road?) - Mt Wilson

Serendipity is a great intermediate level technical canyon that's easy to get to. It's original (and proper) name is "Why didn't we do it in the road?", named after the Beatles song of the same name. "Serendipity" seems to have stuck though.

Most of the abseils are tricky and can be dangerous even though they are short. This is great abseil training for harder canyons.

There are two options for the exit to this canyon, follow Gambie #2 and go out the Gambie#1 exit track, or else go downstream on Wollangambie #2 and exit from the Gambie #2 exit track. The second option is recommended but is a much longer day. You will need li-lo's for this option.

If going downstream on Gambie #2 then park at Cathedral reserve and follow the Wollangambie fire trail towards the fire shed. After about 1.5km, branch off right down the Wollangambie #1 exit track. About half way down this track (after several huge termite mounds) you'll see the track go off right to Serendipity. It's well worn and easy to follow. Follow this track all the way into the top of the side creek.

You now have two options, abseil in from a tree here which is recommended (you'll see the slings on the smaller tree), or cross the creek up the hill to avoid this abseil, a track leads to the next abseil point. If you abseil in here then it's a 15m multi-level abseil with a tricky angled start. Just after is a 3m hand-over-hand or short abseil off to the right side of the creek, then you come to the main drop. You'll see the other track come in on the right up the hill.

This is a nice easy 15m overhang abseil into a lovely canyon section. A big tree is used as the anchor.

Next comes about 45min of some nice creek walking until you come to the exciting end to the canyon.

The first abseil drops away dramatically over a boulder. Use the tree on the right as a sling. Careful not to get the rope stuck in a groove here. It should be fine if you pull it down slowly.

The next abseil is tricky, stay to the right to avoid the rope slipping over the rock. I got a nasty injury here from the rope slipping, beware!

The final 4m abseil is the easiest you'll ever get, you'll find a big sling on a tree up on the right ledge. You can jump this abseil but there isn't much room, and the start is angled - beware.

There is nice canyon section after this until you meet up with the Wollangambie and lunch.

It's recommended you follow the Wollangambie #2 downstream and visit "The Green Room" at Whungee Whengee, this will blow you away!!

Make sure you get a description of the Wollangambie #2 exit track to find your way out.

This is a great canyon, but be prepared for a full day out if you go down the Gambie. Start early, it's a very popular commercial canyon too.

Equipment needed:

30m rope minimum (we took a 40m), wetsuits and dray bags, and a li-lo for the Wollangambie section.

The first (optional) abseil into a side canyon.

The first compulsary abseil into the canyon proper.

Mark working the ropes at the bottom of the second compulsary abseil, into the slot part of the canyon near the end.

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