"The Big Drop" Abseil Trip - 13th November 04 - Mt Victoria

"The Big Drop" Abseil Trip

"The Big Drop" is a 60m abseil near The Bushrangers cave and Pulpit Rock at Mt Victoria.

This abseil may also be known as "The Super Jump"



Turn into Hooper St just before the Darling Causway turnoff at Mt Victoria.

Follow the signs to the Little Zig Zag, The Bushrangers Cave, and Pulpit Rock.

If you have a 4WD go through the fire trail at the end of Kanimbla Valley Rd and park at S33°35.844 E150°14.892, otherwise just park at the end of the road.

Follow the tail through several S bends until you see an obvious branch straight off a right hairpin. Scamble over some rocks to S33°35.905 E150°14.842. The abseil is out about 25m from here on the nose of the rock.

You have to climb over slab to get to the nose. This is exposed, so use a handline tied to a steel step on the rock.


The Abseil:

There is a ring bolt high up on the left rock, and also a tree for an additional anchor. There are also several other bolts out near the nose.

With plenty of achors available it is wise to use two anchors for redundency.

The abseil is a total of about 60m, with the anchors seveal meters back from the edge. 60m ropes may not reach the bottom. We used a 65m and a 70m and had several meters of slack.

The start is fairly easy and turns into a "walk" for about 40m. There are several small ledges on the way down. The remaining 20m is overhung and there is a ton of room to leap out and fly remaining way down.

The only obstacle is a tree branch near the bottom, although it's quite easy for the belayer to gently stear the abseiler away from this.

The landing is on a fairly steep slope so you need to watch your balance.

The exit is left around the cliff face which takes you past The Bushrangers Cave and then back onto the Zig Zag walking track. Although there is a quicker path back up through the rocks before you reach the Zig Zag track. This will take you back to the top of the abseil. The entire round trip is only about 5 minutes.


The top of the abseil showing the anchors. There are also other bolts available.

The drop from below.

The drop from the side showing the size.

Dave taking the relaxed belay option!

Ian and Nicole at the entrace to The Bushrangers Cave.