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These are the trips I have done so far, and some lessons learned on each one. You learn something new on every canyon you do!

Trip List:

#1 Nov 00 - Rocky Creek (Dave, Ziggy, Anne, + 3 girls)
Tuff-stuff garbage bags come in handy as rain coats!
Put your garbage bags IN your pack before putting stuff in.

#2 Jan 01 - Grand Canyon (Dave, Mark)
Anything can fall into a canyon, even huge tree's, and even huge trees that are used as abseil anchors! *gulp*

#3 Jan 01 - Rocky Creek (Dave, Mark, Amara)
Handlines come in handy, always take one.
Canyons always take longer than you think
Remember the exact path you came in, things look different going the opposite direction.

#4 26/1/01 - DuFaur, part Gambie #1, part Bell Creek (Dave, Mark, Emma)
Don't always assume you know exactly where you are, double check.
Canyons are always longer than they appear on the map (I.E. You have never walked as far as you think you have)

#5 10/2/01 - Dalpura (Dave, Mark)
Be prepared to turn back if you have an injury, the canyon will still be there next week.
There are often alternative ways around abeils, you just have to look.

#6 Mar 01 - Dalpura (Dave, Nicole, Mark, Ziggy, Anne)
Even simple 5m abeils can take a long time to do with a big party
Keep a look out for Dunlop Volley prints in the ground, it's a safe bet you are on the right path.

#7 24/3/01 - Grand Canyon (Attemped Serendipity, turned back) (Dave, Nicole, Phil, Janelle)
Be prepared to abort the trip if you are behind schedule.
Don't assume you are on the right track just because it's distinct, 2 minutes checking with the GPS and map can save hours.
Don't blindly trust the guide, it's not always right
Don't share abseil equipment, it sucks away valuable time.

#8 14/4/01 - Twister Canyon (Dave, Nicole)
Li-lo's are handy for staying out of really cold water

#9 25/4/01 - Pilcher (Juggler) Canyon (Dave, Nicole)
Always carry a torch, even on simple day trips, you never know when you will be delayed and have to walk out in the dark.
Always have an alternative escape route planned
Carry the phone number for Cab companies in the area you are going to!

#10 17/11/01 - Fortress Canyon (Dave, Nicole, Matt, Sonia) (Organised through OzCanyons)
- Bring sunscreen!

#11 2/12/01 - Empress Falls Canyon (Dave, Nicole, Matt, Sonia, Neil) (Organised through OzCanyons)
- Leave early to avoid the crowds

#12 22/12/01 - Serendipity (Dave, Nicole, Mark)
- Be CAREFUL on abseils, watch for rocks the rope can slip over.
- Always wear leather gloves when abseiling, it prevents more than rope burns - it protects your fingers.
- Full length wetsuits protect the arms and elbows from abrasions.
- Never ever let a single person head off ahead alone, stay in the group.

#13 26/1/02 - Rocky Creek & Twister Canyons (Dave, Nicole, Matt, Sonia)
- Crowds can be a real bummer.
- Animals sometimes fall into canyons - after a while they don't smell like roses either :(
- Don't drop your helmet in the water, they sink and canyon pools can be deep!

#14 28/1/02 - Claustral Canyon (Dave, Nicole, Matt)
- Confidence in knowing where your exit point is is essential.
- If it looks too hard to climb around/down then it most likely the wrong way. There will be an easier way.

#15 23/2/02 - Empress Falss Canyon (Dave, Nicole, Mark, Sonia)
- Don't let anyone pass you in the canyon, they will hold you up at the abseil.

#16 2/3/02 - Rocky/Twister (Aborted Koombanda) (Dave, Nicole, Mark)
- The popular canyons can get BUSY

#17 9/3/02 - Koombanda (Dave, Nicole, Neil)
- Always take band-aids!

#18 3/02 - Empress Falls (Dave, Mark)

#19 14/9/02 - TigerSnake (Dave, Nicole, Mark, Ian.K, CBC group)
- Injuries often occur *outside* the canyon.

#20 5/10/02 - Deep Pass & River Caves (Dave, Nicole, Phil, Janelle)
- Canyon water can be PAINFULLY cold..

#21 19/10/02 - Bell's Grotto (Dave, Nicole)

#22 3/11/02 - Dargans Creek (Dave, Joy, Ian, Jim)

#23 Dec 02 - Empress Falls (to check out the new chains) (Dave, Nicole, Mark, Dave.B)

#24 Jan 03 - Claustral (Dave, Nicole, Chris)

#25 Feb 03 - Dargans Creek (Dave, Nicole, Leslee, Jeremy)

#26 1st March 03 - Ranon Brook / Ranon / Claustral (Dave, Nicole, Colin & Kevin Ahern)

#27 9th March 03 - Yileen (Dave, Nicole, Ian Knapp & the CBC)
- Helmets are great protection from HAILSTONES!

#28 30th March 03 - Water Dragon (Dave, Jim, David, Lyn, Les)

#29 6th April 03 - Whungee Whengee (Dave, Ian & the CBC)

#30 Sept 03 - TigerSnake (Dave, Nicole, Janelle, Phil)

#31 27th Dec 03 - Four Dope (Dave, Nicole, Les, Joy)

#32 Jan 04 - Claustral (Dave, Nicole, Janelle, Phil, Roger, Steve, Lisa, Dave.B +1)

#33 Feb 04 - Whungee Whengee (Dave, Nicole, Roger, Neil + 1)

#34 Feb 04 - Empress Falls (Dave, Nicole, Colin)

#35 March 04 - Rocky Creek/Twister (Dave, Nicole, Phil, Janelle, Jeremy, + 3)

#36 March 27th 04 - Gobsmacker - North Bowens Creek Lower Section (Dave, Nicole, Les, Joy, Lyn, Jim)

#37 April 17th 04 - Waterfall of Moss (Dave, Joy, Lyn, Les, Jim, Bill)

#38 Sept? 04 - Tiger Snake (CBC Club Trip)

#39 Dec 4th 04 - Serendipity (Dave, Ian, Jim, Anna & Sharon (UTCOAC))

#40 Dec 11th 04 - Claustral (Dave, Nicole, Robin, Cameron, Lachlan, Michael, Darren & Tracy)

#41 Dec 30th 04 - Banks (+North East, +Bungleborrie) (David, Nicole, Ian, Jim, Sharon, Peter)

#42 Jan 9th 05 - Gobsmacker (North Bowens Creek, Lower Section) (Dave, Nicole, Janelle, Phil, Cameron, Lachlan, Roger, Scott)

#43 Jan 05 - Geronimo (Dave, Nicole, Roger, Russel, Ian, Sharon, Lyn, Dave)

#44 Feb 12th 05 - Empress (Dave, Cameron, Ian, Jim, Sharon, Lyn, Rebecca, + CBC)

#45 Feb 19th 05 - Yileen (Dave, Nicole, Ian, Jim, Joy, Lyn, Anna, Dave.H) CBC Club Trip.

#46 Sept 05 - Yileen (Dave, Cameron, Scott)

#47 Oct 8th 05 - Dalpura & Grand Canyon (Dave, Roger, Lachlan, Peter.D, Sharon, Leona)

#48 Nov 05 - Empress Falls (Dave, Nicole, Cameron + ....)

#48 Dec 10th - Twister & Rocky Creek (Dave, Nicole, Phil, Janelle, Kim, Wolf, Nadia, Ziggy, Ann, Sharon)

#49 Jan 2nd 06 - South Bowens (Dave, Ian, Sharon, Julie + ...)

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