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Welcome to the EcoTeam website. This site chronicals our attempts at Geocaching

We are based in Sydney, Australia

The Official 2003 NSW Cache of the Year Awards

Check out the Australian Geocaching Newsletter!

Issue #1 (Aug 03), Issue#2 (Mar 04)

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Caches we have FOUND, or at least attempted!

Caches we have PLACED

EcoTeam Challenge #1 - Schaffers Dolphin - Our first cache, close to where I work. Bring some garbage bags and help clean up :)

EcoTeam Challenge #2 - Traffic Hazard - We were just driving by and it seemed like a good idea at the time! URBAN to the extreme.

EcoTeam Challenge #3 - Seeds of Life - Save the world! using state-of-the-art waypoint decoder technology! (Oh, and take in some of the best views of Sydney at the same time :) )

EcoTeam Challenge #4 - Sugar Hit - LOLLIES!!!!!!

EcoTeam #5 - A Very Special Cache - For Poppy - A cache dedicated to EcoNic's Poppy :)

EcoTeam #6 - One in a Hundred - Try your hand at our most difficult cache to date. Be bemused by the infamous first waypoint :->

EcoTeam #7 - Take a Walk in the Park - We didn't like THIS, so we created this virtual cache just for it.

EcoTeam #8 - Macgyver - Action, adventure, challenge, improvisation...

EcoTeam #10 - Bugger! - Designed for the Hapily Ever After cache to hold Sneezy dwarf, and also hold off all the other players so we can claim a prize! This cache will take you to some very scenic and historically important places, and then leave you scratching your head with the final waypoint. We guarantee you'll be screaming Bugger! at every waypoint!

More to come!

Advanced Cache Technology

The Research & Development department at EcoTeam headquaters have been hard at work inventing advanced Cache Waypoint Decoder technology, which may soon be incorporated into our MicroCaches...

We have already used a different start-of-the-art waypoint decoder in #3 Seeds of Life
We won't tell you what it is or how it works, you'll have to do the cache to find out!

The R&D team have released this sneak peak at a 3D wire model of the latest RISC based binary decoder...


I wanted a way to map caches in Sydney, so I created GeoMap to do just that!
The program maps every cache in Sydney overlaid on suburb names, and can be easily adapted to other places.

A quick lunch time hack in VB - it's not pretty but it works.

Download the latest version of GeoMap v3.0 updated 11/8/02
- Added to V3.0:

The Datafile is comprised of two files: cache.txt and location.txt

cache.txt contains the cache names, GPS co-ords (WGS84)

location.txt contains the suburb names to be plotted on the map, and their GPS co-ords.

Both data files are comma delimited. from looking at the files it's obvious how to add your own caches and location names.

Feel free to create your own datafiles for other countries and email them to us so we can put them up here and share with everyone.

Screen Shot - You can zoom, pan, and even measure distances. Add your own locations & caches too!

The Typical Urban Geocacher

Click to see full size version.

EcoTeam Merchandise!

Look stylish and smart when shopping for your cache items with the:

Limited edition hand crafted EcoTeam calico shopping bag!

Only available in selected caches we have done (ones we think are worthy), and every new EcoTeam virgin cache.


Online Topo maps.


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