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AIU - Analog Interface Unit

If you need to add simple data acquisition capabilities to your PC, then look no further than the Analog Interface Unit.

The Analog Interface Unit (AIU) is a simple circuit that connects to a PC parallel port, and allows you to sample and output 8-bit analog signals under software control.

Here are some of the features :

I'm making the all of the details of this project available for FREE downloading for individual construction, but I'm still keeping copyright on the design and included software. It is NOT Public Domain.

A picture of the AIU kit
A picture of the AIU kit

Download everything you need to build one : aiu10.zip

This ZIP file includes the following :

NOTE : All information in this ZIP file is supplied AS-IS without warranty expressed or implied. I do not support this project and will not enter into correspendance about it.

View the complete Schematic Diagram.

View the Component Overlay in GIF format.

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