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My Work Bench


Here is a shot of my (old) work bench (at unknown date, perhaps 1997) :


How I make my PCB's :

I make nearly all my own PCB's, single and double sided using a home made UV light box.

I use positive pre-coated photoresist board from Farnell Components and laser printed positive transparencies printed straight from Protel. This is much easier than using the traditional mutli-step negative process. I can achieve 6 thou tracks and spacing on a double sided board. All drilling is done using a hand held drill from Jaycar !

The positive coated boards are really easy to use, just print your artwork straight on to film in a laser printer and expose the board to either the sun for 5 mintues, or it takes 10 minutes in my light box using 2x15W tubes. After exposing, put in the developer solution for 5 minutes, and then you are ready to etch !. I can make a complete PCB from artwork generation to drilled board in less than 30 minutes !, although those boards with a 1000 holes tend to take a while :-)

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