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I am a long time contributor to Electronics Australia magazine with half a dozen projects and a few other things published.

Electronics Australia was one of the longest running and most respected electronics publications in the world until it was KILLED by Graham Cattley and the management of the Federal Publishing Company in April 2001 with the release of EA Today, also called EAT (or EAT-SHIT-AND-DIE, or EAT-ME as it's now commonly refered to as). This new pile of TRASH does not deserve any part of the EA title. It died the death it deserved in about nine months.

I now support the only remaining Australian electronics magazine - Silicon Chip.

Some other (former) contributors to EA & SC :

Bob Parker's home page (designer of the EA ESR Meter)
Glen Pure's Home Page (designer of the EA Eprom Programmer)
Tom Moffat's home page (Moffat's Madhouse author, and designer of various cool stuff)
Peter Baxters home page (100MHz logic analyser - COOL!)

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