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EPROM Programmer Mk2

Back in 1995 I designed a Mk2 EPROM Programmer, but EA didn't want to publish it. I'm making all of the details available here for those that wish to make it themselves. The schematics, PCB, control program, and PLD files are available here for general interest only, they are still copyrighted to me. This design is NOT in the public domain.


This design was never completely finished, so consider it to be in the very early experimental stage. I don't sell kits, programmed PLD's, or provide support for this project, and I will never be published. But if you want to take a bash at making it yourself, be my guest, it may or may not work, I guarantee nothing. Try it at your own risk.
PLEASE don't contact me about this project, I'm not supporting it and do not have any more information than that which is on this page.

Here are all the files : pceb11.zip

You can read the complete article here : pceb_art.txt

The PCB and schematic are in Protel format, and the PLD files are compatible with the Lattice ispLSI starter kit, I haven't tried them on the Synario software. The control program was never completely finished, but from memory, last time I checked it did work on all EPROM's up to 2Mb, but it's basically still a beta copy.

The design has fully automatic device ID detection, support for up to 2Mb 32 pin EPROM's. Lower cost than the Mk1 version, and 10 times easier to build. It uses a Lattice ispLSI2032 PLD to enable everything to fit on a single sided PCB. The best part being absolutely no wiring !.

MK2 EPROM Programmer Prototype
The prototype of my Mk2 EPROM Programmer

View the Schematic Diagram of the Programmer.

View the circuit inside the ispLSI2032 control chip.

View the PCB in 300dpi GIF format.

View the Componet Overlay in GIF format.

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