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40MHz Frequency Counter Module

A picture of the prototype

The prototype frequency counter module.

Here is the design for a very low cost 6-digit frequency counter module using of the shelf components (and not that expensive 74C926!).

The standard circuit will display directly in Hz (1MHz max), and there is a seperate on board divider that will allow you to display directly in KHz (approx 40MHz max). Becuase the display reads directly in Hz or KHz there is no need for decimal point switching and the associated complexity. There are no switches or controls, simply feed the signal into one of two inputs and you have a direct readout in Hz or KHz.

This circuit is ideal for adding a low cost frequency display to a function generator or other design. I doubt if it is possible to get a cheaper design using off the shelf components!. In fact, I challenge anyone to make a cheaper design using garden variety components!.

The upper frequency limit is dependant apon the upper limit of the 74HC390 chips which is roughly 40MHz.

The design is on two PCB's of the same size that are mounted one above the other. The two boards are joined at either end using straight wire links from one to the other, and long PCB spaces are used to seperate the two boards.

I don't have an article or any further details on this project, and once again I do not sell kits, components or PCB's.

View the Schematic in GIF format.

View the PCB in 300dpi GIF format.

Download the PCB and Schematic in Protel format.


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