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Tandy 1000

Welcome to the Tandy 1000 Hardware page. This page describes my Original Tandy 1000 machine that I have owned for 13 years, and the various hardware modifications I have made to it.

I originally purchased (or my parents did anyway! :-)) the machine with it's original 128KB of RAM and a single 360K 5 1/4" floppy. I soon added a 256K memory expansion board and a second floppy. The first thing I purchased after I got the machine was the complete Technical Referene manual, no way I was going to let this baby just sit with the case closed!.

I also had an Apple II clone card which enabled me to emulate an Apple II, but that novelty soon wore off :-), yet another Tandy junk bin gem !. Living just around the corner from the main Australian Tandy distribution centre I got all the latest surplus stuff direct from the warehouse. I even did work experience in the Tandy repair centre was I was 14.

The T1000 isn't the only Tandy I have owned, I also had an 1100FD laptop for a few years before I sold it. The 1100FD was a little beauty, with it's DOS and DeskMate software built into ROM. Natually I customised it with multiple internal lead acid batteries !, it's amazing what you can fit into a laptop case if you try hard enough !

Custom Volume Control modification : VOL-MOD.TXT

Custom Monochrome Switch modification : MONO-MOD.TXT

Custom Turbo Board Modification : TURBO_BD.TXT

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The hottest Tandy 1000 in town !

My old super modified Tandy 1000 !. It still goes !. Note the cutaway front panel and custom turbo board just below the third expansion slot.

A close up shot of the curstom turbo board. Notice how it is designed to fit between the two expansion slots so it doesn't interfere with long expansion cards.

Here are the non-standard additions my machine has :

Believe it or not, I actually got Windows 3.0 to run on this thing with only two 360K floppy drives (no hard drive), and 640K of RAM !!!. It actually ran faster than Windows 95 on my AMD 486DX4/120 desktop with 16MB, no kidding !!!

My Tandy1000 turbo board schematic

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