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VTG-01 PAL/NTSC PC Keyboard Video Overlay Generator

As published in the October 1999 edition of Electronics Australia Magazine

SCreen shot of the VTG-01
The Help screen displayed by the VTG-01. A capability of what it can do.
Large character display
Text can be 4 different sizes, along with special characters.


Inside shot showing the PCB
The VTG-01 with the case open. As you can see, a very simplistic design!
The 5way DIN plug connects to a standard IBM AT keyboard.

Perfect low cost solution for :

The VTG-01 is designed to display user defined text over a composite video signal. This is useful in a multitude of different applications such as adding titles to home movies and adding custom text to security videos. Text can be displayed in different sizes almost anywhere on the screen. Text entry and editing is done by way of a standard IBM AT keyboard.


Features :

Cost & Availability:

Even though the STV5730A chip has been reinstated into full production I will no longer be selling the chip or this project. I do not have any PCB's or chips available.

Another Titler :

Bob Barnes from RCS Radio has designed an alternative PCB for this project which is available now for $14.50AU. He also has an alternative (non keyboard) design. Click here for more details. NOTE - This is not a Tronnort design, I had nothing to do with it and I have not tried it myself so I do not support it.

If you want an RS-232 interface SimmStick platform text generator then take a look at the DT-108 from Dontronics

Want a Time & Date Display? :

Take a look at my VCG-01 video clock.

Is it available fully assembled ? :

I do not sell this kit, so unfortunately cannot supply it ready assembled.

What if it Doesn't Work? :

NOTE : There is a chance that the VTG-01 firmware will not be compatible with some AT keyboards. I haven't found one yet that doesn't work but every keyboard is different so I cannot guarantee it 100%


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