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VCG-01 PAL/NTSC Video Time/Date Generator

As published in the August 1999 issue of Electronics Australia magazine.

Screen Shot of the VCG-01
A captured screen shot of the time/date overlay produced by the VCG-01
Yes, that handsome devil on the left is yours truly!
Inside shot showing the PCB
An inside shot of the VCG-01 showing the PCB. There are no external connectors or wiring required.
The complete unit when closed
The complete unit when closed.

Perfect low cost solution for :

In any recorded video security application it is essential that the time and date be recorded over the video image to validate the footage. Most low cost installations do not have this facility, and the VCG-01 is designed to fill this gap. It is designed to do nothing more than overlay the time and date onto an existing video image, with no fancy video switching or other unnecessary functions that increase the cost. Installation is as simple as connecting video in and out, and a DC supply which can even be derived from an existing camera supply. As a bonus the VCG-01 will also display a 10 character user defined text message. With battery backup and auto recovery after power failure, the VCG-01 is designed for set and forget installations.

Features :

Want a full screen KEYBOARD based Titler instead of the Time/Date?

Take a look at my Keyboard based full screen Video Titler!

Price & Availability :


The STV5730A chip used in this project was discontinued in Nov01, but has since been reinstated as a full product again and is now available in quantity!

HOWEVER, I will NOT be carrying this chip any longer and as such do not have any more full or short form kits available.

The STV5730A chip is available from many other suppliers.


Construction & Operating Information :

Please view and download all of these instructions and diagrams, no information is supplied with the actual kit.

Click here to view the Construction Article in HTML

Click here to view the Parts List and Component Overlay

Click here to view the Operating Instructions

Click here to view the Schematic Diagram

Click here to view the PCB in 300dpi GIF format

Click here to download the PCB in Protel format

Click here to download the HEX files for the PIC chip (NOTE : "VCG21.HEX" is for the 16F84, and "VCG21A.HEX" is for the 16C61 chip)


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